Our Mission


Backyard Estate’s mission is to enable anyone who owns a house to make their backyard their estate!

We do this by being the best in the business at getting an ADU installed on your property as quick and simple as possible.

It all starts with our seamless property review and working with your dedicated design expert to craft the perfect ADU for your property in as little as 2 weeks.

Next, we handle all of the busy work with permitting, financing, and paperwork to ensure there is no delay to moving forward with your ADU installation.

For ground up construction, our crews are in and out of your backyard in 12-16 weeks! You will be updated weekly on your ADUs progress.

Lastly, should you decide to go with a manufactured ADU, we have partnered with the best manufacturer in CA. Our crews will make sure that your backyard is prepped for it’s delivery.


Backyard Estates is providing value to the community in 2 main ways.

First, we are helping solve the housing shortage crisis in CA. California needs millions more homes and recent legislation has never made it easier to build an ADU. We provide the solution to expand the number of homes available for people to live in.

Second, we are enabling middle class individuals and families to earn additional money from renting out a portion of their backyard to ease their financial burden. The average ADU will provide the homeowner $15k/year in profit if rented out and increase the overall value of the property. The median middle class household has only $12k in savings so this additional income can be a huge factor in lifetime financial security. 


We are experts in the ADU industry and provide the following:

  • We handle everything with all in pricing
  • Quick and seamless property analysis and ADU design
  • Ground up construction in 12-16 weeks!
  • Partnered with the best off-site ADU manufacturer in CA
  • Prices are lower than our competitors while offering a better product
  • Decades of experience working with cities to submit and approve permits
  • Construction team is fast, efficient, and accurate

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