Turn your backyard into Passive Income

High Rental Income at a Discount

Remove the need to pay for expensive land and construction. Take advantage of space that is already underutilized or even a drain on your resources. You will find that almost any property in our market can see increased cash flows of $1000, after financing.

Increase Property Values

Building an ADU adds new functional square footage to your property. This is the most obvious value add, as viewed by current appraisal norms. You are also adding a rentable unit. Each of these factors contributes to an increase in appraised value of the home. The value add can vary depending on the location and appraiser but can provide significant benefit in the short term and long term.

Backyard Estates Investment Advantage

Highest Value on the Market: Backyard Estates was made by investors for investors. We understand that you need to maximize ROI through both reducing the pull on any and all of your resources. Our portfolio line of units are custom tailored to maximize your dollars and time.

Opportunity cost
– We understand that you are busy and your time is valuable. Rather than spending hours on end in design, permitting, vetting contractors, construction, site prep, and inspections, we handle it all so you can benefit from a true “No hassle, just cash flow” approach.

Curated Design Packages – One of the most time consuming aspects of construction is design. We simplify this we curated “rental” focused design packages that are appealing, functional, and value add focused

Property/Portfolio Analysis – Your property has untapped potential. We will extensively analyze your property and determine what unit and options are ideal for rentals in that area.

All Inclusive Pricing

Our prices include everything, property specific analysis, permiting, design, enginerring, construction, and installation.We even include all the appliances, site prep, and utility hookups, etc.

There are no hidden fees, change orders, or unforseen upcharges. We remove all the hassle of traditional construction. You will know exactly what you will pay after your property analysis.

Discover your earning potential