About us

Our mission is to enable homeowners to make your ADU dreams a reality!

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Design, plans, and permitting

Backyard Estates’ mission is to enable anyone who owns a house to make their backyard their estate! Backyard Estates specializes in ADUs; we handle every detail, so you don’t have to!

Our proven, end-to-end, process allows us to provide customers with accurate pricing upfront as well as customized financing options.

We provide homeowners a hands-free experience and save them tens of thousands of dollars by handling all design, permitting, and construction in half the time!

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Value to the community

Backyard Estates is dedicated to helping solve the housing crisis in California by making it easier and quicker to build an ADU, while offering unmatched pricing transparency!

With our proprietary ADU Formal Property Analysis, we can ensure homeowners have the information needed to know if an ADU is right for them, even before any plans or permitting need to be paid.

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Why Backyard Estates

We are experts in the ADU industry and provide the following:

  • We handle everything with all-in pricing
  • Quick and seamless property analysis and ADU design
  • Ground-up construction in 8-12 weeks!
  • Partnered with the best off-site ADU manufacturer in CA
  • Competitive pricing with unmatched timelines and quality
  • Decades of experience in every aspect of your ADU project
  • Our construction team is fast, efficient, and accurate

Simply choose a floor plan and design package

Backyard Estates will handle everything else

Backyard Estates

  • Accurate pricing upfront
  • Free designs
  • Financing options
  • 100% of permits approved
  • Full project management
  • Solar
  • Guaranteed results
  • Quick timelines

Typical contractor

  • No price guarantee
  • Expensive designs
  • Better have cash
  • Permit denial risk
  • Responsible for only parts
  • Solar additional cost
  • Delayed
  • Disruptive timelines

Start your ADU journey today

Expand your income and livable space. Backyard Estates provides an all-inclusive solution that maximizes your backyard while expediting the timeline to completion.

Talk to an ADU Specialist

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