Our process

We manage the entire project, from custom design to permitting, all the way to construction and installation.

Phase 1

Phone call to detail proposal

1-2 weeks

Initial phone call

Our team will conduct a quick phone call to understand your goals and vision for your backyard, and help determine if Backyard Estates is a good fit for you.

Virtual site visit

As we meet over Zoom, your ADU Specialist will help you visualize your new ADU using Backyard Estates’ ADU Software.

Place your ADU where you want it, walk inside to make sure it is perfect, and discover what may be unique about your specific backyard.

Formal Property Analysis

Our research team will review all your property specific information, while our on-site team performs an in-depth assessment at your home.

Then, our team will cross-correlated its findings with each requirement within the various city departments to produce unmatched insights for your property and project!

Detailed proposal

During your Proposal Meeting, you will revisit all the details of your ADU design and inclusions. Then we will review each of the unique property characteristics that will impact your project. Finally, we will provide accurate pricing and real-time numbers related to your investment!

Phase 2

Financing to Manufacturing

8-16 weeks

Site Visit

Once your ADU project is officially launched, our Architectural Team comes out onsite to ensure your plans are completed to perfection.


We will submit all the necessary permitting with your city to make sure your ADU is approved. And don’t worry about those pesky City Fees, those are already included in our pricing.

Permit Approval

Our integrated process, allows us to begin prepping for construction even before your permit is pulled. This saves you time, often avoiding months in delays that plague the industry.

Phase 3

Construction to occupancy

12-16 weeks

Pre-Construction Meeting

Prior to breaking ground, our team will review every detail of the project, from your schedule, to work hours, where we will stage materials, point of access, and many other key details.


Our goal is to be in and out of your property in 12 weeks. Our crews are efficient, friendly, and accurate.

Final Inspection & Move-in

Once installation is done, the city will review the ADU and provide Final Approval. You may now live in or rent out your ADU.

Start your ADU journey today

Expand your income and livable space. Backyard Estates provides an all-inclusive solution that maximizes your backyard while expediting the timeline to completion.

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