Return on investment

Take advantage of your underutilized land and new California laws. Convert your backyard into rental income with an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU).

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Rental income at a discount

Remove the need to pay for expensive land and construction. Take advantage of space that is already underutilized or even a drain on your resources. Schedule a call to find out how much your backyard could be making you today!

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Increase property value

Building an ADU increases your property value in 3 ways!

  1. ADUs add livable area and square footage to the home. And in areas where most similarly built homes sell for $500-$1,500, this can mean huge value.
  2. Extra Income? ADUs earn incredible rents and are boosting income for real estate investors, retirees, and everyone else in between!
  3. Lastly, properties that sell with an ADU are attractive to a broader group of buyers, which increases demand for your home and helps create bidding wars among buyers!

Our investment advantage

  • Highest market values

    Backyard Estates was made by investors for investors. We understand that you need to maximize ROI by reducing the pull on any or all of your resources. Our portfolio line of units is custom-tailored to maximize your dollars and time.

  • Opportunity cost

    We understand that you are busy and your time is valuable. Rather than spending hours on end in design, permitting, vetting contractors, construction, site prep, and inspections, we handle it all so you can benefit from a true “No hassle, just cash flow” approach.

  • Curated design packages

    One of the most time-consuming aspects of construction is design. We simplify this with curated design packages that are appealing, functional, and value-add-focused.

  • Property analysis

    Want to know what it will actually cost to build your specific ADU?

    Want to avoid traditional “surprise costs” and “cost increases”?

    During Backyard Estates’ Formal Property Analysis, we will assess 130+ key aspects of your property to ensure you have an accurate price estimate for your ADU from today through move-in!

All-inclusive pricing

Our prices include everything, property-specific analysis, permitting, design, engineering, construction, and installation. We even include all the appliances, site prep, window coverings, and utility hook-ups up to 50 lineal feet through dirt.

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Start your ADU journey today

Expand your income and livable space. Backyard Estates provides an all-inclusive solution that maximizes your backyard while expediting the timeline to completion.

Talk to an ADU Specialist

Or, call (818) 208-3113 to Schedule a free ADU assessment today!