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We make affordable accessory dwelling units with your wallets in mind. Invest in a home and watch your money grow. They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but it can grow in your backyard.

Our price includes everything

Our Price

Other Builders

Unit (Estate 430)



Design, plans, permits



Installation, site prep, foundation



Appliances, fixtures



Expedited timelines and delivery



Total $189,000

Total $249,000+

Designs, Plans, Permiting

We ensure that all of the planning and details needed for a successful project are carried out completely. We make the  precisely engineered drawings, meticulous permitting applications and processes, and handle all the other extensive plans needed for an accessory dwelling unit.

All of that work is included in your simplified pricing.


Your Backyard Estate

Our Estates are constructed offsite in a streamlined, climate controlled, facility. You can rest assured that your ADU will be built to the highest standards of quality and durability. And with a reputation built on over 50 years of excellence and quality, we will ensure that your backyard home is a home that both you and us can be proud of.

And don’t forget our unmatched 7 year home warranty!

Installation, Site Prep, Foundation

We arrive on your property a few weeks before the unit is delivered. We make sure the site is prepared, start on the foundation, and confirm that every piece is ready to go. When the unit arrives, we will have it placed on your property in a day. All of this is included with your unit purchase. Making your life easier than ever. 

Expedited Timeline, Delivery

Other construction projects can take months, even a year or more. Backyard Estates includes an unrivaled timeline in our standard price. No more need to have construction workers on your property for months and months. We complete our site work as little as 14 days. Delivery, that’s included too. Our focus on “no hassle” flips the traditional construction process on its head. 

Unit Overview





All-in Cost






Estate 430



36' x 11'10"



Estate 510



38' x 13'4"



Estate 750



31'8" x 23'8"



Estate 800



40' x 20'



Estate 950



40' x 23'8"



Estate 1175



44' x 26'8"



Factors that can add time or cost


If access to your property is limited, we will need a crane to properly place the unit. This can cost $20,000 or more. We will review options with you in your initial virtual ADU analysis.

Deep property

If your new ADU is placed farther from the existing home than normal, we will have to extend our standard utility inclusions. This increases material and labor costs. Any increases in cost will be analyzed in the initial property analysis.  

Soil conditions

Certain areas have different soil requirements and might require additional soil testing or a retaining wall. This is determined on a site by site basis and will be covered in your analysis.  


Required demolition of additional structures or very large trees will require additional equipment, labor, and disposal costs. This is reviewed in the analysis stage of the project. 

Explore Your Return on Investments

ADU’s provide an extremely compelling investment opportunity. There has never been a better time to expand your cash flows and return on a property by property basis. We are investment specialists and ready to help you truly maximize your properties rental potential. 

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